Saturday, November 3, 2012

The candy hunt

Let me tell you a little story about holidays and how early the season starts...

So, Chris and I went to the store a few days ago to buy some Halloween candy. 

- For those not familiar with the concept, Halloween candy is regular candy, but packed in small portions. You can buy big boxes with (usually) four different types of candy, like four different types of chocolate bars or different Maynards candies like Swedish berries, the boxes have 50 to 100 of these tiny portions of candies. So, you basically get snack-sizes of sevral different types. What could better? -

We walk in the closest place to sell this stuff which is a Pharmaprix (Shopper's Drug Mart for you non-Quebecoise North Americans, a pharmacy for the rest)

- For those looking confused right now, pharmacies here are not like European pharmacies where you just buy medicines and maybe some coughdrops. Here pharmacies are practically like convenience stores. We have places that are 'just' pharmacies but the bigger chains carry a ton of other stuff too. For example, I would always buy shampoo and conditioner from a pharmacy.

We walk in at around 9:30pm on November 1st. To clarify, that is the DAY AFTER Halloween. The reason why we went in the day after is the fact that Halloween candy is discounted after Halloween. I actually had uses for the small portions of candy (perfect to send with a letter, among other things), so it just makes sense. 

- There's two different ways to think about this. There's Chris's way "Small portions of candy makes sense. You can eat one, which won't make it that unhealthy and a box like that will last you a long time. Perfect for when you feel like for something sweet but this way you won't have too much". Then there's my way "F* YEAH! CANDY! NOMS! This way I can have more AND I don't have to just pick one. I can have them all! Screw eating healthy, it's practically Christmas anyway! SQUEEEE!" *sugar high jitters*

[too much info? Well, it's the truth!]

Anyhow, back to the store. We walk in and there is Not. One. Single. Piece. Of. Halloween. Candy! The shelves and the floors are filled with brown cardboard boxes and there are two employees unpacking them. And what are they uncovering?

You guessed it! Christmas candy and ornaments.

So, my question is; when is it too early?


  1. Awww, too bad you didn't find any candy... My Pharmaprix had chocolate on sale - woohoo! And mini Doritos bags - 50 for $7.99! Now I have to eat all those chips before December 18... Oops!

    1. To be honest with you, I think it was a good thing I didn't find any candy. It just would've led to disaster... And I'm glad we didn't find chips either. There will be plenty of treats around leading up to the holidays.