Monday, November 12, 2012

What an airmail-y week!

Hi guys!

I'm still sick, which really, really sucks. I was hoping to get a move on the newest projects I had planned, but I'm not sure what I can get done. So, I'll guess it's another day of tea and naps. Which, when I put it that way, doesn't sound half bad, but in all honesty, I have way too much to do today. I do need to go for a walk later, it's supposed to be close to +20 degrees outside today! Can you believe it?

Without further ado, let's take a quick peek at last week's mail.


Mail Love - Outgoing
I was exceptionally effective last week with my outgoing mail. Admittedly it was a great week for the shop, so I did send a ton of orders out. In addition to that, I did send out some personal correspondence as well.

Mail Love - Outgoing Last week was definitely a polkadot kind of a week.


Mail Love - Incoming
Mail Love - Incoming My incoming mail was airmail. I got two airmail letters on two consecutive days. Thank you!

How has your Monday started?


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