Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Inspiration

Remember the beautiful vintage glass ornaments I found? I still love them, but the more I observe my cats, the faster I've come to the conclusion that hanging the ornaments high up on the tree is not going to be enough to make sure they make it intact to next Christmas. I need to do something else if I want to display them somewhere.

I saw this and realized that this would be the simplest thing to do. All I need is ribbon and a hook to hang them from. I could even add clusters of them around our place. Add something extra to the bare corners I've never really knew what to do with.

Another way to accomplish the same thing is to string them up one next to the other. I like this idea too, although you'll need some decent wall space to make it happen.

Then there's always the option to hang then from something that's already there... Like the chandelier. I've thought before that I could replace the hanging crystals with ornaments, but somehow that feels a bit extreme. Maybe this would be the less arduous option I've been looking for.

Do you have other ideas? I'd love to hear them!


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