Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Inspiration

I have to be honest with you guys. I'm trying hard not to start posting Holiday things already. I am in no way trying to start a Christmas panic* with anyone, but the fact is that I've been working on holiday cards and Christmas ornaments for a few weeks already. My head is completely in the holiday season already.

Source: via Katri on Pinterest

To make sure you guys won't get bored of all the holiday awesomeness (the name of one of my pin-boards, go check it out if you want to get a feel already) I do have some other things in mind as well. There is a small corner in my brain that's not filled with everything Christmas and that corner seems to be filling with home decor today.

I do blame all the British decorating shows I watched when I was living in Finland for my undying love for British style fireplaces (I swoon over Victorian fireplaces). Well, fireplaces in general, but the idea how essential they often were on these shows. That's where I learned that it doesn't matter if your fireplace even works, you can still use it as a focal point of the room (I clearly also learned the term "focal point").

They would decorate old fireplaces that weren't functional. They'd fill it with candles or decorative objects. They'd display items on top. Oh, the character those homes had...

Source: via Katri on Pinterest

I will admit to seriously considering building a fake fireplace at home. I will also admit that I have not completely abandoned that idea. (crap... now I'm actually thinking about how to go about this... No! Stop! There's too many projects already!)

I have a ton of holiday projects and posts for you guys, so just be mentally prepared that there will be Christmas stuff! Are you ready for it? Anyone else nuts about the season like I am?

*) Christmas panic = the feeling when you start thinking about how many things there are to do before the holidays, how many gifts to buy, how many packed stores to face. Decorating, food, etc...


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