Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I went to a charity shop last Thursday looking for some new materials. It was slim pickings when it came to books, but I found something even more awesome.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
I found a box of vintage glass Christmas ornaments. The box alone was worth the few bucks I paid. They had tons of ornaments there, they've probably been stocking up all year, but I found one box of these vintage beauties. There are seven glass ornaments and three plastic ones. The plastic ornaments weren't anything special and I doubt they're vintage, but the ones that were are simply stunning. They are in unexpected colors too, pink and mint green.

vintage ornaments
I loved all the vintage ornaments, but the best ones were these one with the ornate middles. I'm so happy to have found these!

As you might be able to tell from the photos, I had more ornaments out as well. I did buy a few boxes of non-vintage ornaments from the shop as well, since I found them in amazing colors and they were the right price for a project I've been wanting to try. Once I get to try it out I'll report back. However, after getting home with my hoard of ornaments, I realized there's quite  bunch that are glass... I love them, but they might not be the best idea with two rambunctious cats around...

[It might have occurred to me when I dropped one of my new ornaments on the floor and was promptly reminded that as beautiful the glass ornaments are, they don't simply *break* when they fall, they *shatter*]

So, what do you think; crazy colorful vintage ornaments or tranquil and coordinated decorations?


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