Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outdoor decorations

It was this image I used in a recent post that gave me a potential solution to problem I've been trying to solve. I've talked about our tiny French balcony at the front of the condo a few times. It's teeny tiny, so there's not a whole lot we can do with it. In the summer I filled with tomato plants and a miniature herb garden and have now been thinking about what to do with it for the winter.

The easy solution would obviously be to add some lights, but the problem is that there's no electrical outlet on that side of the building. We have one on the larger balcony in the back, but that's hardly helpful. I have been thinking about adding maybe a lantern or a few, but I never even thought about ornaments. Why not? How cute are these ones on the picture?

I haven't actually tried any of this out, but this is definitely sparking some ideas. I'll report back as I try some stuff out.

All of your ideas are welcome! How would you decorate a tiny outdoor spacec when there's no electric outlet for lights?


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