Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Inspiration

So, let the holiday season begin! (What do you mean 'it's too early'?)

Ok, I'll try to keep it reasonable and not go overboard immediately. One step at a time and all that. I would like to add a few holiday touches here and there, but I promise I'll try to do this gradually. (Key word: try) The first things I'm thinking are some lights and I would love to come up with something fun outside. Let's start with the lights, I think awesome lights always make a difference.

Now, where to hang them up and what kinds should I get?

I've had a huge glass bowl for a number of years that I've filled out with ornaments and battery-operated lights. I'll bring that out soon, but I need to buy some more lights to put in it... (There was a Halloween-pumpkin related incident last year due to which the lights were covered in pumpkin goop and were finally tossed out. Not a chance to get them working again) I'll show you a photo once I get new lights for it.

In the mean time, I've been thinking about other options. I mean, I already have to go get some lights, so wouldn't it be just sensible to get more at the same time. You know, no need to again... I really like this idea of haphazardly stringing the lights off a mirror, but there's two major issues with it. One, I don't have a mirror like that, and two, I have two cats who would try to chew on the chords. (let's not even think about the cat hair the lights would gather if they'd just lie on the ground like that)

These look pretty cool. I would imagine the lights shine through the colored glass really nicely. And this would have an added bonus of having to drink a few bottles of wine...

I really like this idea of a wreath. I think I might even try this one out. I do wonder though where you'd plug this in... I mean, I would put a wreath on a door. This looks like it's on the wall though. Still, I think I'll try it out and figure it out using the same methods I always do, it's called the 'oh-well-I'll-just-try-it-out-and-let's-hope-for-the-best'.

Where would/do you hang lights on/from?


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