Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Inspiration

Today's inspiration is something a little different than usually. Instead of pretty things, I'll talk about volunteering. I've been interested in volunteering for a long time. I'd prefer to do something than just donate money. So, I found a good site to do just that, Sparked.

Sparked is a "micro-volunteering" site for professionals, where you can help out non-profit organizations around the world. The whole idea is that you contribute your time and professional skills, not cash. The other added benefit is that you don't need hours to help someone. You can do it when you have a few minutes to spare.

Photo from Blogunteer

The site works so, that organizations sign up and list challenges, things they are having problems with and Sparked users contribute to their dilemma by offering professional advice and skills. There are organizations that need a new logo, tagline, poster for a charity event or just help in writing a grant or a letter. Others are looking for ideas for fundraising, blogging, tweeting or how to make the most of their social media initiatives. No one will ask for a cash donation, just ideas and creative input.

Even if you don't find something that sparks an interest in you, you can always read other people's replies and rate the good ones. That adds valuable opinions available to the organizations. Say, there's a challenge for fundraising with 10 new ways to raise money, you read them through and think 3 of them are great. You can give a thumbs up for those 3 comments. That'll help the organization find the comments that more people think is a good idea.

I've already participated in a few challenges. Try it out HERE


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