Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Envelope Stamp

I use some stamps while crafting. Most of mine are letters and numbers that I use in my packaging or post cards. I don't really have a lot of picture stamps and I rarely have a need for them either. Now and then, though, I could use one. Just a little something funky to add to an envelope. So, I figured I'll just try to make one. How hard can it be?

Turns out, not very hard. In fact, it was really easy. It took me about 15 minutes, including taking photos of what I was doing. I should've tried this a long time ago. This is what I did.

You need an eraser, pencil and a paper knife. (A cutting mat might also be a good idea)

Draw the design on the eraser. I went with something pretty straight forward, only straight lines.

Then start cutting around the design with the knife. The pencil lines are what you want your stamp to show.

Once the outline is cut, carefully slip the blade of the knife under the parts you want to remove. 

Continue doing this until all the blank spaces are lower that the pencil lines. (Mine doesn't look particularly pretty, but that doesn't matter. As long at there's nothing that might get ink on it, you're good)

Then make sure there's no eraser shavings inside your stamp (turns out tiny pieces of eraser are a drag to get out of the ink pad). And ta-daa! You're done! Now stamp away!


  1. This seems so easy! much more straightforward than any other stamp tutorial I've seen! Thanks so much!

    1. I'm so happy to hear you found this tutorial helpful! The reason why I wrote it is that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on this and wanted to see what I can do with things I already have at home. I've used this method to make so many fun little stamps. If you make some yourself, I would love to see them!