Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lovely Sunday

(They all are lovely, not joking) It's time for the weekly recap. Positivity and all that...

The whole week got off to a good start with an interesting meeting on Monday. I took 4 buses to get there and back, but it was worth it. I saw some new parts of the city and some interesting shops I'll need to go back to.

I made some new items for the shop and listed new materials. And, I made some more good sales, which always puts me in such a good mood. I've worked with a few more brides and made them some envelope seals and embellishments for their invites. I love making custom orders, not to mention my regular sales.

I did go walk around downtown on Friday, where I was able to replenish my makeup stores and got some really neat stuff on top of the ones I bought. (My purchases above)

These are the items from the free gift you get with your purchase, I wrote about it here. Besides these I also got a blush (the makeup item, not the somewhat embarrassing redness of the face) and a lipgloss from Amy. I told you she's awesome. Seriously, go see her!

Chris and I also went to Chinatown for dinner, which is always great! There's so much food you get another meal in leftovers. I really, really enjoy Chinese food. We also dropped by a Chinese bakery, which means we've had stuffed pastries for lunch on Saturday and today.

I also started planning a trip to Toronto soon, talked at length about blogging, send a lot of mail and fixed the curtains. Let's not forget my culinary genius with cilantro pesto and my first DIY tutorial. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing on Saturday, which means I'm almost done going through all of my crafts supplies. I have a few photos and another easy DIY lined up for next week.

How's that for a great week?!


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