Monday, February 13, 2012


As you might know or have guessed by now, I tend to collect all sorts of things. I have a lot of old books, obviously, as well as an assortment of crafts supplies. I try to be organized, but it is pretty hard. So, every now and then I'll go through everything I have and try to get rid of a ton of stuff I don't have time to use.

The good stuff, like old game pieces and really nice paper is something I list in Brinner Supplies. It's a place for me to release some of the really great stuff back into the wild, a.k.a to other crafters that can use these items. The rest, I just need to get rid of. I recycle everything I can, but even after that there's a lot that needs to go. I've tried to be very objective of the things, the space I have for my business and crafts is limited, so it's valuable real estate.

Recently, I've been doing a massive overhaul of everything. As business is picking up, I need to be sure I have only the things I truly need to run my business and make new items, nothing else. Only items that I can use right now or have a specific plan, and a schedule for, are staying.

Did I mention already it's hard? I used to make jewelry and have loads and loads of beads and other materials for jewelry making. Right now my focus is on paper goods, so those need to go as well. Needless to say, there will be plenty of new items in Brinner Supplies.

I'm also writing about this because it is clearly on the forefront of my mind right now. Also, I feel that I will keep at it, when I've publicly stated my plans. I'm finalizing the craft space now, I've worked on it whenever I had a spare moment. You know, I'll go through this box of paper today and maybe the other one tomorrow. That way it didn't get too much at one go, however, the progress was slow. This Saturday though, was really an extremely productive day. I revamped some things in the master bathroom as well as did the bulk of the remaining sorting with my craft supplies.

Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic again, but it has been a long project.

Got any tricks to keep things organized? Any ideas would be welcome!


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