Thursday, February 9, 2012

Materials - 50s household plants

Hyötykasvit Värikuvina (Finnish). Household Plants in Colour. This small volume was printed in 1956. The original (in Swedish) was produced by Tore Linnell and Nils Hylander, illustrations by Edgar Hahnewald. Translated to Finnish by Toivo Rautavaara.

Condition: This little guy is absolutely falling a part. Looks like the pages are all there, but most of them are falling away from the binding. Some pages have a few rips and tears. Most pages, however, are still intact without much damage apart from coming off from the spine.

How could you not love the pictures? They are just spectacular. The pages show illustrations of different household plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs among a few other useful plants. Each book plate shows the plate number on the top corner as well as the Finnish and Latin names at the bottom.

This book is rather small, so I need to be careful what I want to make with this. I do think some of the bookplates would be gorgeous framed. Add some vintage flare to the kitchen wall perhaps... Some of the more damaged pages will most likely become notebook covers. No matter what will come out of this one, the items are bound to be wonderful.


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