Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mail-tastic day

I'm feeling better today, although still a little tired. Despite a slight tiredness it's been a busy day, especially when it comes to mail.

I had several orders to ship put today. (I love these kinds of days! This many people liking what I make enough to purchase something from me. It's incredibly gratifying.) I use handmade envelopes for the smaller orders, there's 4 of them on top and bubble mailers for the larger ones. I have to figure out how I can make these kinds of mailers myself too. I also find it really exciting to see my items off to all over the world. Today's shipments left for New Zealand, Australia (x2), USA (x3), Finland and the Netherlands. I always include at least a handwritten note in each, just to show how much I appreciate the business.

I also got new stamps today and started sorting them out. Going through over 2000 stamps does take a while... I have to make a confession at this point. I actually really like sorting them out. I like things colour coordinated, so that's how I sort all the stamps when I get new ones. In fact, I like colour coordinating so much that I actually organize my bookshelves that way too. Not alphabetical, topical or even by size. Nope. They are colour coordinated. That's the only way to organize a bookshelf!

I've also worked on my "side project" whenever I have a few minutes... That's the mail art I mentioned a few days ago. Now, I wouldn't really call this art. Perhaps a "creative outlet in postal form"... or something like that. I've done a few, but as I am actually mailing them out, I won't put the finished mailers here, not yet at least. When I get a bit better at this, then I might start posting some photos. We'll see.

Have you gotten anything good in the mail recently?


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