Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chocolaty goodness

I just had to share, since I'm pretty proud of myself. I made chocolates yesterday. Clearly I couldn't share them yesterday, as they were a part of a Valentine's day present for Chris and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. (I'm assuming he reads my blog. Hi there!)

Anyhow, I made different types of treats with 4 different types of chocolate and 2 different fillings. They are relatively simple to do, but just take a while and will create quite a bit of clean up...

So, I got two different types of chocolate, 70% cacao dark and dark chocolate with orange. I also made sea salt and chilli chocolates out of the plain dark. My fillings were marshmallows and Rice Crispy treats. I think they turned out pretty good (I clearly had to make test pieces so I could ensure they were of good quality).

The jar for the chocolates worked out pretty nicely too. The photo's pretty bad, since the light was less than spectacular. The label says "chocolate".


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