Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Inspiration

I probably mentioned this already, but my head is filled with decorating ideas. Some are admittedly way to extensive or expensive to take on right now (I don't want to re-do the entire place) and others are a bit silly. However, there are some ideas that I have been thinking about for a while and that would be relatively easy or fast to do.

For a long time, in fact from about a week into living in this place (it's been over 2 and a half years now), I wanted to get a funky dish cabinet (astiakaappi in Finnish, not sure if the term really exists in English). We have a perfect spot for it in the kitchen too! Our kitchen is an open concept one, where the space is combined with our living room. The kitchen cabinets end before the counter does, there is a bar/island that has some empty space above it. I originally would've loved to get old window frames and build a cabinet around it. Now, it's not like I've seen any old windows lying around, so it's a project that is just waiting for the right materials to come along. I found the following photo from Fjeldborg and thought it would be a perfect example of what I have been thinking.

Photo from Fjeldborg, also on Pinterest

Another idea I've been turning around in my head is this:

Photo from Fjeldborg, also in Pinterest

This is something I could do right now! Cover the insides of a cabinet with funky paper. There's a few cabinets in the condo that could definitely use some sprucing up. I might just give this one a try. I'll post photos once the inspiration truly hits and I actually manage to do something about this.


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