Monday, February 27, 2012

Little cabinet DIY

I've talked about this idea before. It's been on my to-do list for a long while, but I never got around to it. So, finally I got a move on... (Sorry for the photos, the lighting is awful in our downstairs bathroom)

This is my (formerly) awful bathroom cabinet. All the stuff you don't really need everyday, but should be easily accessible. I'm a little embarassed about how it looks in this photo. Let's be honest now, it's a disaster.

I cleaned out the cabinet, took out the shelves and brought out the tools I need for the DIY. Really simple; scissors, double-sided tape and paper.

The paper I used is this cool vintage looking drawer liner I found a little while ago. It even has a slight flowery scent. All I did was measure the paper and stuck double-sided tape to where the top of the paper was to go and did the same to the sides. It's really not very hard, you just have to peel off the tape a little at a time, don't just stick the entire sheet at one go. At least my hands aren't steady enough to get the whole sheet on straight on one try.

The paper I used was wide enough to cover the inside of the cabinet, but not high enough, so I used two sheets and overlapped them in the middle. Just add more double-sided tape, it's not necessarily pretty but it works.

Lining up the patterns was the hardest part, but after a few tries it worked out nicely. This part is why I was saying not to un-peel all of the tape at one go, get this one crooked and you have to start over. (Unless you don't mind the pattern being slightly off, or were smart enough not to use patterned paper. In that case just move on)

Once you finish the entire back of the cabinet, put the shelves back on and you're done. I'm actually thinking about covering the front of the shelves too.

Here's the final cabinet. It was really very easy and again, one of those projects I can't believe I didn't do before. I think it took me about half hour to finish. I think it's totally worth it and I am now considering this for other cabinets in our home as well.


  1. Yes, it is nice to look inside a pretty cabinet :)

    1. Yeah, it somehow makes all the difference. A little extra prettiness always helps! Thanks for dropping by!