Saturday, February 25, 2012

Materials - Little Bear

Little Bear and Little Bear's Friend. Written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Little Bear is copyrighted for 1957 and Little Bear's Friend for 1960. No separate printing year is mentioned.

Condition: These two books were in rather good condition. There are some rips and tears and one of them has some pencil doodles on a few pages. The rips weren't too bad, so most of the pages are still usable. The second book, Little Bear's Friend was coming off the binding a bit form the top of the book.

The illustrations are just adorable. The feeling of them is serene which is largely due to the colouring, only three colours are used. Black for the outlines and shading and two colours for the colouring. Little Bear's friend is using green and brown and Little Bear brown and blue. These book's are called "I can read" books and meant for kids who are learning to read. There are several short stories about Little Bear, such as "Little Bear goes to the moon", "Little Bear and Emily" and "A party at Owl's house".

I loved the illustrations the second I found the books. They are incredibly cute. The paper has a wonderful texture to them. The size of the books is relatively small, so my usual work, such as stationery is out of the question. These will become party supplies for a kids birthday or maybe a baby shower.


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