Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chill Sunday

I have to admit I'm a huge fan of days without anything planned. I've written about the ever-filling schedule before, about how there's always something going on. I love seeing my friends and we always have a good time, but sometimes is just nice to not have anything planned for the entire day. It's probably needless to say that today's one of those days.

Halloween card upcycled from a vintage book

I have a whole lot of things planned for the shop and I am frantically working on some holiday decorations. Christmas decorations to be specific. It sounds early, but I need to be prepared for the holiday season. I'm also making some Halloween items, but that's more for personal use than the shop.

Halloween card upcycled from a vintage book Oh, random thought, but sort of related... I went to Dollarama (man, how I like that place. Randomness galore!) and right next to all the Halloween decorations they were putting up Christmas items. I know I start early, but in my defence I make everything by hand and I need to have stock for when the season starts in full swing. But at the dollarstore? Here the Xmas decor comes out right after Halloween...

What's your take on this? How early is too early?

The photos are of some Halloween cards I made from book pages (available in my shop if you're interested)


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