Sunday, October 21, 2012

Super Easy Halloween Garland DIY

Halloween garland Just the other day I wanted to add a few little Halloweenie (teehee, weenie) touches to our place without going overboard. I also felt like trying out something new and I came up with a super simple and easy to make halloween garland

Halloween garland DIY

All you need is alphabet stickers, coloured paper, string and scissors (or a craft knife).
(If you don't have the stickers, you could also print and cut some alphabet and use glue to stick them to the paper)

Halloween garland DIY
All I did was to stick the letters to the coloured paper with the string wedged between the two layers.

Halloween garland DIY
I worked on one word at a time. Once you've stuck all the letters, then cut them off the paper leaving a little part of the backing visible. The only tricky part here is to NOT cut the string, but let it go through each letter in tact.

That's all! Then hang the garland up or mail it to a friend!


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