Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stamps galore!

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Apparently October is national stamp collecting month. (I'm fully aware that "national" in this case does not refer to a country I am from or currently living in. That's besides the point) I actually have a couple of ideas relating to that, the first one is to show you some cool stamps.

No! Wait! They are actually pretty cool... Not in the nerdy way I get excited about things, but... Ok, maybe a little in that way.

As you know, I send a lot of mail. And After a while I got really bored of the regular stamps available. So, I've actually got to a point where my regular post office ladies know this and often help me out with finding some cool new ones. (You know they 'get you' when you ask for new stamps and she actually says, and I quote, "Yeah, we just got some new ones, but I don't think you'll like them". And, more importantly, she was right)

Awesome stamps from Canada Post
I did recently find some super fun ones... Roadside attractions! Seriously! How awesome are these?

Yes! It is a giant squid! And the world's largest lobster. And the big potato (I don't know how it places on the 'largest potatoes of the world' scale, but I bet it's pretty high up there)

Awesome stamps from Canada PostI now have three booklets of roadside attractions, each has 8 stamps, 2 of each design. There's also a booklet about national parks (the stamps have the same picture as the cover of the booklet, how cool is that?). I had to get that as well, since they had such an awesome retro vibe! I've already sent a bunch and can't wait to use more of them!

Kudos for Canada Post!

Do you pick and choose which stamps to use in your mail? If so, where do you get your stamps?


  1. Great stamps! Most of the time, everytime when there's a new stamp issue, I'll make it a point to grab some from the post office. You can't buy them on 'any other day' you see. Once a particular issue is sold out, you've to do a special order which takes awhile too process but ages to arrive at your doorstep. :)

    1. I see, interesting. I've only become aware of the stamps I use relatively recently. At first I would just go to the post office periodically, hoping to find something, but I try to keep up to date with it now. I just think it's great that you at least can get the stamps later, even if it takes a while. I never would've gotten these giant squid ones (can you tell which one is my favourite) otherwise.

  2. I am sooo lucky to be able to buy my stamps from a philatelic counter. There are only 26 of Germany and one of them is in the post office I always use. They have every German stamp that's still available. I love buying there, the guy that works there also takes his time to show you all the new stamps that arrived and it's just amazing :)

    1. Oh wow, you are lucky indeed! That sounds like an amazing place to go for stamps. I'm glad I can order some, but seeing them all at one place and then choosing sounds like so much fun.

      It's so important too that a place like that has someone there who knows what they are talking and seems into it as well. Finding a person like that at any place of business is so great!