Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding-ed out!

Yesterday was an amazing celebration! Everything seemed to come together. Hair and makeup turned out great, the schedule worked out, no panic attacks or general mayhem (General Mayhem *Salute*) and the bride looked absolutely stunning.

The reception was a blast and dance moves were busted!

I am just about to head out to a brunch at the groom's parents place. I guess it's like the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It'll be nice to spend a bit more time with the out-of-towners as I was running around most of the night last night. Also, I'm always happy to visit the groom's parents as they take great (Italian) pride in making sure we're always well fed.

Bridal survival kit
I feel like this post needs a photo, so here's a part of the bridal survival kit I put together...

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Yes my non-north-american friends, there's two. One for Canada and one for the US. We're having ours tomorrow. Due to thanksgiving and the wedding, there is a ton of people in town, so this is going to be a busy weekend. It'll be great and what makes it extra awesome is that it really revolves around food. Gotta love it!

I'm off to go 'eat and meet' and I'll be back soon! I have a few halloween projects waiting to be tried out, so hopefully we can get in to the Halloween frame of mind soon!

How has your weekend been?


  1. I know why there's a bounty bar. The bride loves coconut, if I remember correctly.

    Another wedding in the Katri-collection. You must have quite a few under your belt by now.

    1. You are correct, she does like it. She didn't actually eat the chocolate, so now I have the Bounty bar at home and I don't like coconut...

      I haven't actually counted in a long time how many weddings I've been to. I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't. As of right now though, I don't know of any.