Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's party time!

Well, i will be party time in about 12 hours... It's now a bit before 6 in the morning and I'm just getting ready to go meet the rest of the bridal party. It's time to start the work that is hair and makeup for a number of women.

These are the colours of the dresses we're wearing. Mine is the one in the middle. I'm happy with it, since it compliments the tattoo on my chest quite nicely.

I'll be back tomorrow (most likely, but then again, I might need some extra sleep tomorrow)! Have a great weekend!

Do you have something fun planned?


  1. Ihanan värinen tuo sun mekko! :) Toivottavasti sulla on kivaa! Mulla taisi olla liian kivaa eilen, joten nyt maksan siitä. Tosin kohta pitää siirtää huonekaluja ja sisustaa kämppä uusiksi... voi että

    1. Oli kylla tosi hyva ilta. Flunssa jai paalle, mutta ei se mitaan.