Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY baby card

So, yesterday was a super awesome day. Our nephew was born and we got to meet him. He's awesome! He's also the youngest person I've ever met, at 14 hours he definitely wins that competition! (Which is pretty obvious, but totally besides the point)

I'm not going to show any photos of the little bundle of awesomeness, (how many times have I said awesome already?) but I can show you a card I made for him and the family. I had been thinking about something along these lines, but once I realized here's the perfect opportunity, it just all came together.

Baby card for my nephew
The card has a vintage map on the background, obviously showing Montreal smack dab in the middle. The teddy bear is cut from a vintage story book. The banner on the top does say his name, but since I'm not sure when it's appropriate to mention what it is, let's call him R for now.

Baby card for my nephew I made a matching envelope as well. It's made from sturdy light blue card-stock to compliment the colours of the map and the lining is a super cute cloud print. (Sorry for the pretty terrible photos, I snapped them just before heading out. Didn't even think about it until the last minute.)

I might go see them again later today as the family needs to stay at the hospital a few days. I don't know how the food is over there, but I'm sure some extra snacks never hurt. I made some granola bars last night for a healthy snack and will take in some fresh fruit as well. As far as I noticed, all that was available was vending machines and I doubt those guys are filled with anything too fresh.

I'm sure I'll get back to regular programming soon (I have no idea what that might be though, so feel free to suggest things).


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