Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lovely letters - task one

If you guys took part in the lovely letters project, it's time to get started.

I received an e-mail telling me who I was partnered up with and we already exchanged mailing addresses. Let me tell you, I got lucky with mine. She seems awesome-tastic and I'm sure we'll hit it off beautifully.

The first task is now published and it's time to get cracking writing. Did you take part in the project? Are you as excited as I am?


  1. I sent out mine already. Looking forward to receving one, and to the next task. Did you send a photo?

    1. I mailed mine last week and did send a photo. Not a very good one, but a photo nonetheless. I'm really looking forward to my letter and the next task.

  2. I am beyond excited!! :) Like you, I have a wicked sweet partner!! :) We're both on pins awaiting the arrival of our letters! Hers was mailed Friday last, as mine went out Tuesday! We're starting to think mail time between America + Australia might be a bit longer than we first thought?? I clicked onto your blog from Pen Pal of the Week's shout-out. So happy that I did! :)