Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lovely letters - task 2

I totally forgot to mention the second task for the lovely letters project! Sorry about that guys. I guess it's safe to assume everyone who's taking part in the project is already working on their second task, but I wanted to share it here anyway, especially if anyone who's not taking part is interested.

Lovely letters task 1 - incomingfrom Autumn
My partner Autumn sent me this gorgeous letter on which she had painted in... Just look at those flowers! How pretty are they? I was going to show you the envelope on my regular mail post but couldn't resist showing you this already... I told you guys my partner rocks!

Also, you might want to go check out her blog, The Busy Bee. It's really great!

Lovely letters task 1 - outgoing The first task was to send a letter to your assigned parter, introducing yourself and sending a photo. I sent my partner a little booklet including a few tiny photos of myself and of things I like.

Are you working on the second task already? How was your first letter?

P.S. I'm working on putting together a little Halloween craft tutorial for you! Stay tuned!


  1. What a beautiful introduction!! :) I wonder what direction your taking your 10 Qs? I was hoping you were going to show a preview!?

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I'm happy how the first one turned out.

      I'm just finishing off the second one, and it is completely different from the first. I can show a preview of it in a few days alongside with another project I'm showing too. I'm using the same format on both.