Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want to help break a Guinness World Record?

There's no such thing as too much awesomeness. More specifically we could all use some random acts of kindness!

Now you can combine random acts of kindness with taking part in breaking a Guinness World Record

"How can I do that?", I hear you ask!

Here, let my sister explain:
I'm Katri's sister, Sanna. I'm taking part in an international event called GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), and we are trying to get 100,000 people to pledge to commit a Random Act of Kindness before the end of 2012. If that gets done, it will be breaking the Guinness World Record! 
It's free and easy and doesn't commit you to anything! Also, if you join this, you will be part of breaking the world record and also will be giving a helping hand to me and my group in our fight to be the winning team of  GISHWHES his year! To help the team, CLICK HERE to pledge and add my e-mail address, sk.luotonen [at] gmail.com , in the referral field. (Please change the [at] to @) 
Thank you so much from me and behalf of my team to everyone who are willing to participate and being part of this awesome world record!

So, to participate

Click HERE
enter your details
enter the e-mail sk.luotonen [at] gmail.com in the "Email Address of the person who referred you:" field


On a more personal note, why not sign up and actually make sure to do at least one random act of kindness. It doesn't have to be anything big, maybe compliment a stranger on their nice shoes or send a card to your grandma!

I pledged already! Will you?


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