Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mailings

The week before last I didn't get a chance to send out too many pieces of snail mail. There was constantly something else to do. This week I made up for it and still aren't done. I still have more to write and send, so please be patient, if you're expecting something from me. I'll get to it soon!

This week I sent so many things I don't see a point posting every single one of them. Here's a look into my last week through mail...


Mail Love - outgoing
Halloween mail.

I sent out quite a few of these guys over the last week. This is one set of them just waiting to be dropped in the mail. They were all variations of these, black sturdy ones for overseas and more delicate, translucent for Canada.

Mail Love - outgoingMail Love - outgoing
Other, non-Halloween mail, such as outgoing orders went out in colourful envelopes with washi tape stripes and vintage paper stickers, made by yours truly.


Mail Love - incomingMail Love - incoming
This week I got two letters from Susanne.  Once again, really awesome envelopes and pretty handwriting! Thank you, I really enjoyed the letters, like I always do!

Mail Love - incoming
I also got a letter from Laura, She's a funny one, she is...

I did also get my first Lovely letters response, you can see it HERE

Now, I have to run off again... I do have more stuff for you though. It'll just have to wait to another day.

How has your week started?

Oh! Just noticed!

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