Thursday, January 19, 2012

An early start to the weekend

I'm heading off to Blueberry lake tomorrow morning. It's close to Tremblant (a ski village) just north from us. There's a few of us going and we rented a "cabin" (cabin in quotation marks as it's apparently a 4 bedroom house with a hot tub).

It should be a lot of fun, they have all sorts of winter outdoor activities like skating, tubing and cross country skiing. Now, I've probably gone skating a handful of times since elementary school (which, I might add, has been a few years...) so, we'll see how that goes. There's also a spa, which I assume is where I will be spending more time than out skiing.

I've never really got into winter sports, I think it's a combination of doing enough of that when I was in school and that my family was never big on it when I was growing up. I understand that it might sound odd being Finnish and all, but what can you do.

So, due to this unexpected turn of events, today's schedule includes trying to find the most winter outdoor activity appropriate clothing and going to look for snow pants. Realizing that the pants I do have won't be appropriate for any kind of outdoor activity, let alone in the winter, has lead me to consider this drastic measure. (sounds a tad dramatic, I know, but I really don't have anything I can wear, pants-wise. It's been really cold here) I also thought that showing up wearing dress pants would significantly undermine what little outdoorsy credibility I have.

I have some posts scheduled for when I'm away. I will also come by with some updates from Blueberry lake if I get a chance!

Have a marvellous weekend and see you soon!

P.S. I actually took time to find some topic-appropriate photos. I had none. I think winter activities are long overdue...


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