Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lovely Sunday

Stop and smell the coffee (I can't say flowers as I'm notoriously bad at keeping plants alive). I tend to stress too much, so it's time to think about nice things. Today is a good day.

I got to enjoy my coffee while looking through my latest finds. Beautiful books about various topics. Halley's comet. Beautiful flowers. Funny animals. I sat down and browsed through the books and thought about what to make out of them. This time though, I didn't just think about it, I also started making.

I got to see friends who are moving to Europe. I also found some wonderfully inspirational photos of work spaces and beautiful homes. I Pinned quite a few for future inspiration and was happy to see others liked them too.

Photo via Pinterest

I have a number of orders to finish packing and a few custom orders to finalize. I have awesome customers.

The light outside is beautiful even if it's cold outside. I'm glad I bought that vintage jacket all those years ago. Keeps me warm.

All in all a pretty good day.


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