Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The shop dilemma

So, to start off, let me explain the situation. When I go around looking for materials for my crafts, I often find some really awesome vintage items. I've found beautiful books that are too small for my crafts, vintage board games or other old materials. I can't just leave them there, so I often buy them in hopes of coming up with a way to use them. Which ultimately just leads to a chaos in my work space.

I know that there just isn't enough hours in a day for me to use all the beautiful items that I've found. However, in the spirit of upcycling, I won't throw them out. I know there's so many creative people out there who could make use out of these items.

I've finally listed a few of these things on Brinner. But every time I look at the shop, I feel it looks a tad confusing having finished products available next to supplies. Which brings me to the dilemma. Should I open another shop for the crafting materials and supplies? I did try this once, but I didn't have the time to run a second shop. I now have more time, but still aren't sure...

If you buy or sell on Etsy or any similar site, would you prefer to browse through a shop that only sells one type of a product, for example upcycled stationery like Brinner and would it make a difference to you if there were other products as well, like crafting supplies? I feel that the person who buys the finished product wouldn't necessarily be as interested in the crafting supplies and vice versa. However, that's just my gut feeling which could be totally off.

Any thoughts? Comments? Experiences?


  1. I would agree with you, prefer them separate. Sometimes people don't want to see how the sausage is made.

  2. You know, that's an unexpected, but an accurate way to put it. I appreciate your comment!

    I've been thinking about this for a while anyway, so I think it will be the next step.