Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another wonderful week

Bored of the positiveness yet? Well, I'm not! As those who know me personally can attest, I'm not necessarily the most positive person in the world (I like to say realistic, but that differs depending who you ask), but I am also a firm believer that positive thinking yields positive results. So, once again, I want to keep that attitude going and think about all the great things that happened this week!

I started the week at the "cabin" we rented. (still in quotation marks, should be a mansion) It was a lot of fun spending that time with friends, regardless of my feelings about cross country skiing. I started working on the pocket sized notebooks and absolutely love them! I took one to immediate use myself.

I had dinner and a few pints at McKibbin's Irish Pub on Friday with former co-workers, who I now consider friends. It was a fun evening of catching up. New plans were made to make sure we meet up more often. Saturday night we attended a birthday party and ended up at the Burgundy Lion, an English Pub. (See a pattern here? If I could choose, I'd only go to pubs) It was another wonderful night.

Besides all this, I've worked on my Etsy shops, found some wonderful ideas and inspiring photos online. I also got some custom orders from my wonderful clients and once again felt extremely lucky to be able to work on something I truly love, crafting! All the wonderful inspiration I found will show up here in my blog in one way or another. More on those later!

To top the week off, we're soon heading out to my in-laws to enjoy, what I know will be, an incredible amount of food in celebration for Chinese new year. I also get to drop by Ikea (that craft space organizing project is still going on) and check out my favourite thrift stores close to my in-laws place. Keeping my fingers crossed for some awesome finds.

All in all, another successful week. And (as overtly positive this sounds to me), I'm looking forward to next week!

So, how has your week been?


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