Saturday, January 14, 2012

Materials - British Flora

The concise British flora in colour. By W. Keble Martin, MS, DSc, FLS. This book was published in 1972 (am I just imagining or do I somehow end up with a lot of books from that year? Maybe it was a really good year for amazing books) and has a foreword by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (neat little fact in my opinion).

Condition: This book is actually one of the better ones when it comes to condition. It's printed on rather heavy paper, which I believe credits much of the condition. There were a few rips and tears and some staining on the book, most pages, however, were in great condition.

This book was one of those that I immediately was drawn to. The illustrations are amazing. It has a good number of colour plates and a few black and white ones. To quote H.R.H. Prince Philip "It represents a life's work and has taken nearly sixty years to complete." Makes me appreciate it even more.

This was also a book that I had a harder time deciding what to do with. I had ideas, but for a long while I felt bad about cutting it up (This happens often, more on that later) but I realized that even though the condition was not as bad as a lot of the other books I've rescued, it had reached the end of it's life as a book and would delight so many more people as stationery. This combined with a request of one of my regular customers decided the conundrum for me. It was time to make a few stationery sets.


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