Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Inspiration

I love old furniture. It's a dream of my to one day learn how to restore old pieces. I would love to find some beautiful storage units and fix them up for every day use. I currently have two old dressers that I've painted black. They went well with our old bedroom set, but they are getting worn out again.

In Pinterest, originally from Ihan Oma

When I was still in Finland, I got two dish cabinets from my grandmother. The cabinets had drawers at the bottom and shelves on top. I needed some storage units, so she gave them to me and I painted them light blue. I love the contrast of clearly old pieces of furniture and more modern colour. They turned out great, in fact, my sister still has them in her place. She even got the third piece of the set.

In Pinterest, Originally from Heather Bailey

Currently at home I have the two dressers, two small tables and a jewelry cabinet that I've painted and fixed up. I really like them all, but I've recently been feeling it's time for change in our condo. I'm constantly keeping an eye out for something interesting. Hopefully I'll find something good eventually.

In Pinterest, originally by French by Design

Have you rescued old furniture and fixed them up? If so, what? And if not, do you have plans for doing something like that?


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