Thursday, January 5, 2012

Materials - Nature Atlas

Hammond's Nature Atlas of North America. Written by E. L. Jordan Ph.D. (Through some investigative digging, I found out the E.L. stands for Emil Leopold. Very critical information)

This book was published in 1952. It has 320 original colour paintings and 32 maps. 282 of the paintings are by Walter Ferguson and 38 by John Cody.

Condition: The pages that were with the book were in great condition, however, there were a few pages missing. The binding was coming loose and there were a few tears.

I found this book from the McGill University book fair and absolutely loved it when I found it. I knew this would make amazing notecards. The challenge with this material was that the pages are very delicate and therefore hard to work with. I managed to make notecards out of the pages, but it did require much more careful work than the materials I usually work with. I made notecards that measure 5 3/4 x 4 inches and matched handmade brown envelopes with the sets. You can find the sets in my Etsy store.


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