Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yesterday's finds

Like I already mentioned, yesterday was a good day with some amazing finds from my local charity shop.

I found these incredible rolls of wall paper. Two of them are white with subtle shades of cream and tan and two are floral. They are just beautiful! I can't wait to start using these. I have so many ideas what I can make out of these, I'll need to try a few things out first. I'll definitely post some of the results here as I get them finished.

Besides the wall paper I also found two used board games. One of them is Boggle Jr. and the other... well... it's called 'booty'. Got a good chuckle out of that one and needless to say, my husband kept coming up with comments all evening... Something about secondhand booty, I'll leave the rest for your imagination.

I bought the games mainly for the cool pieces they came with, but the boxes are a good size too... I'll see what I can use them for. Another great find from the Boggle game was the game stand. The idea of the game seems to be that the player picks a card with a picture on it. Then they need to spell the word correctly using the alphabet blocks. It's actually a cute piece, so after looking at it for a moment, I realized I can use it too!

The next time I'll go to a craft fair, I can use it as a business card holder. It'll definitely be a little different. So, a good find all around!


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