Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Materials - 70s cookbook

The New World Encyclopedia of Cooking. Edited by the staff of Culinary Arts Institute. This large cookbook was published in 1979. It's the "new edition" so includes cutting edge culinary techniques, like 'microwave cookery' and 'the food processor'.

Condition: although this book is fully intact, there were a few rips on some of the pages as well as some staining.

What I loved about this book was the pictures. Most pages have two-tone illustrations, in either black and brown or black and green. The topics range from cooking utensils, to ingredients and completely random, yet awesome pictures. There are some 50s housewives as well as a lobster reading the newspaper and everything in between... The book also has 8 colour pages, one of which was unfortunately torn.

I made larger envelopes of the colour pages and used the pages with the two-tone illustrations for small note cards.


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