Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wedding expo - Marions Nous

Yesterday I attended a wedding expo. And, might I add, it was my first time. I didn't go before my own wedding (a small destination wedding), but I did get a chance to attend now. I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding, so this was as good of a time as any.

Chocolate sculptures

There were a ton of vendors from the obvious like dresses and flowers to the more (what I thought was) unexpected, like furniture... Ok, I guess it makes sense if you think about a gift registry. Anyhow, there were plenty of pretty things. I have to say though that I also considered myself lucky, I didn't even think about half of the stuff that was available for my own wedding.

Cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake

I did take some photos from the expo, mainly of things my friend was looking for, but I did take some additional ones just because I found them really pretty or clever.

Plenty of cupcakes

Clever wedding favors (made me want to figure out how to make these)

Pretty decor

All in all, it was a good experience. We did attend a wedding fashion show, some of the outfits were beautiful, some... well... interesting. (I would think it to be a rather opulent wedding when the groom would wear a gold suit. Yes. Gold. Shimmer. Suit. Think about that). There were a lot of great ideas, so if you're planning a wedding, I definitely recommend going to take a look. 

I had a fun day with the bride to be, her maid of honour and future mother in law. Thank you ladies for a great afternoon!